Class Actions

Advice Work for Small Employer and Employees: Rather than focusing solely on the traditional billable hour , Ms. Poole offers various fee structures to provide cost-efficient, relationship building advice services to her clients.  However, in addition to an hourly fee structure, her services are also available on a project-based, flat fee arrangement, fixed monthly fee arrangement for ongoing legal advice and support, and customized hybrids of the various fee structures designed to support client needs in the most economical way. For inquiries or to schedule a free consultation to discuss fee schedules please email with a brief but clear description of your company, your legal needs, a contact number, and the best times to reach you.


  • Contingency-Based Litigation for Employees: Ms. Poole takes a few litigation matters on a contingency fee basis for employees only. Contingency based means that the client is not charged for the value of the work performed unless and until there is a recovery for the client. The client is, however, responsible for covering the costs associated with litigation (including, but not limited to, court filing fees, process server fees, court reporter fees, etc).